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With a network built up over 4 decades... we know some people. We pride ourselves to maintain relations at the highest levels of business ethics and quality. These are the main drivers in our in person connecting through brokerage, match-making and consulting.

On top of that we facilitate industry information for many relations online, through our various channels:


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About indupro

There is something about companies that are run by (generations of) one family. There is more at stake, a name to protect, a future to be secured for generations to come. This is who we are.

Jan van Iperen

Jan van Iperen
Person in progress, next generation, broadly interested.
Role: Chief Connections Officer

Exploring the juice industry step by step, Jan started working at in indupro part-time back in 2001, learning from his father. Being caught by the virus, he eventually took over the business in 2011.

Jan is an enforcer of cross-pollinations in industries and networks, always focused on new and added value.
He combines his passion for the food and beverage industry with a broad interest in and understanding of new technologies. Being part of the food supply chain with indupro and developing business for The New Fork – which focuses on Food Integrity on Blockchain – generates the dynamics in which he feels most in his element.

John van Iperen
Pioneer, walking juice industry encyclopedia, man of many connections.
Role: Advisor

Schooled by the best in a time when TELEX was the next big thing, John has seen the rise and demise of many companies in the juice industry. By focusing on a network of people with alike mentality and preference for quality products, he built indupro into a reliable partner for long term business relationships.

His passion, perseverance and flexibility still contribute, either directly or indirectly.

From zero to one, from one to 40+ years

Starting in the environment of globally emerging markets in the mid-sixties, Mr. John van Iperen established his basic knowledge of doing business in trade. Working in very divergent branches and countries, he gradually focused and specialized on a few areas of interest. indupro has evolved from the company in which John learned the ropes, Aug. Dubru, est. 1879.

indupro was established by Mr. John van Iperen in 1976 and has been active in the juice industry ever since. With a worldwide network of reliable fruit-processors and end-users Mr. Van Iperen brought indupro to its current position in the market.

In 2003 his son Jan joined the company full-time, after tasting and testing the juice industry part-time. As of March 18th 2011, Jan van Iperen has taken full ownership of indupro and is the managing director now. Mr. Van Iperen (senior) has taken the role of advisor.

Experience and know-how based on loyalty to our producers and heavy commitment to our clients have been the basis for longstanding relationships with many great companies worldwide. Most appreciated is the way in which indupro establishes a respectful and trustworthy bond between Producer and Buyer of the (half-)product. In this open way of communication, long-lasting and strong relationships are secured.

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