Connecting People in Ingredients has seen different faces over the past years, from a very basic to more elaborate website.

For different reasons, another iteration of the site sees the light and it might feed your appetite for change to learn why:


There is a lot going on in the industry, in our personal lives and the world that surrounds us. And whether we like it or not, we have to make decisions about which parts we want to be of influence, to be influenced and to leave out of the equation at all.
Being in control over that gives –to a certain extend– peace of mind.

I notice that the current dynamics in the ingredients industry ask for cross-pollinations, not only of different industries, but also of the different elements in our lives.

That dynamic is something I wanted to incorporate in this iteration of indupro's website, allowing for more dynamic content on a more regular basis.


And much of that dynamic content relates to the changes in interaction I see within the ingredients industry. Not only on the interpersonal level, but also when it comes to digital content.
Having the site of indupro interact with other channels I run, linking it to certain social media and my mailing lists, allows for a better spread of the name of indupro, of my name[1].


And for me –as sole owner of my company– opening up on certain aspects of life that I face, both positive and negative, has yielded more personal conversations with many people in and outside my industry.
It is important to not forget that the most important factor in business is the people that run it. And that is personal.


Now, maybe only for a few this interesting: On the backend I switched from plain HTML (versions before that were Wordpress and Jekyll based) to a site built with Ghost and hosted on Ghost.
Being fluent in Markdown and looking for a solution that checked most boxes while avoiding too much tinkering with the underlying tech, this was a quick decision. The result is a quick and well structured site with enough flexibility for the future (well at least coming year... 😉)

In the end...

Eventually it comes down to being able to run a site as a tool, as means to further extend my reach towards existing and new clients, but in this phase especially towards all stakeholders in the ingredients industry.
That might seem like a lot, but I am working on something that will relate to the whole industry. And for that reason, in order to be able to discuss this project (ingrediens) with the prospect users, I need that reach and need the connection.

Subscribe to the mailing of indupro and stay in the loop... And if you really want to make me happy: please do me the small favour of spreading the love: Tell others to sign up. Thanks in advance for that. 🙏🏼

  1. I might dive into this at another moment, but a very simple example: The leverage of the daily name-dropping in juice news has contributed highly to my own and my company's exposure. ↩︎