indupro & quality

The Quality of the Connections is the Key to Quality per se.


Sure Global Fair

indupro participates in the Voluntary Control System of SGF (Sure-Global-Fair). As trader/broker in the VCS, the company supports the International Raw Material Assurance (IRMA) by committing itself to comply with the rules of the control system and in particular by:

  • Trading goods of known origin only
  • Labeling VCS goods
  • Evidencing the producer
  • Guaranteeing full documentation

Food safety and food quality are of special interest for producers, traders, and consumers. Careless and dishonest competitors can put the success and image of an entire industry at risk. Other parts of the food industry have painfully experienced this already.

To minimize such risk, the fruit juice industry has set up a Voluntary Control System (VCS) for all stages their products will go through during production and trade. It stretches from the fruit processor via cool storages and blending stations to the manufacturers of semi-finished and finished goods and the traders up to the retail shelves. This allows to trace not just the history of the products but also possible quality deviations back to their source where they can be eliminated. If the food law or system rules have been infringed, the SGF will initiate corrective actions and follow-up controls.
The participation in the control system shall assist the producer in the fulfillment of his necessary diligence to market only proper goods. However, participation and the VCS certificate issued to the participants do not constitute a “carte blanche”.

The responsibility to take due care always remains with the participant. His legal liability to market and in particular process only proper goods complying with the relevant food law regulations within the EU as well as with the European commercial practice (e.g. EU Fruit Juice Directive, relevant national regulations, CoP/AIJN, etc.) remains unchanged as, in case of complaint, do the legal and statutory rights of the SGF for injunction.

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The International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades

IFEAT embraces the interests of the global flavour and fragrance industries worldwide. These sectors have vast turnovers, employ millions of people, and involve enterprises ranging from small family operations through to large multinationals, involved in essential oils production, aroma chemical manufacture, flavours and fragrance compounding, trading and consumer product manufacturing.

The principal aim of IFEAT is the advancement and protection of the interests of its members in all parts of the world through international collaboration, the encouragement of good practice, the dissemination of information and provision of forums for discussion.

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