Connecting People in Ingredients

Big Data, AI, Blockchain Technology, Drones and Robot-operated Automatization... all much-discussed topics in Food & Beverage. Not just on the production side of business, but perhaps even more on the Agricultural side.

We are living in exciting times, at least that is what many try to make us feel. For many stakeholders in the ingredients industry, the current period is actually reason for confusion and doubt.  

The new terminology and technologies that are getting more attention on a daily basis, seem to define what the future will look like... and apparently pretty soon.


So everything will be run by robots and computers next week? 😱

No.... and yes. Actually there is a plethora of examples of existing projects and companies showing what is already possible. Right now. And yes this happens all over the world and even at scale.

But right now, it is not at global scale yet and maybe more important, it is not fully integrated yet. Though this does not mean you should neglect the development.

The Future is NOW

When talking about the future it is most important to understand the speed of development. Remember those hockey stick graphs from Economics 101? We are right in the bend and things are already moving quickly, faster than most people even notice.

People First

So what to do when you think your company might –either in the short or long run– benefit from one of the technologies that is currently in high speed development?

  • Get information from the right people
  • Get advise from the right people
  • ... Hire the right people

There are many sources of information available for the topics mentioned earlier. But if you really want to progress and get a realistic view on the possibilities, you need people. You will want to have somebody with the right background and reference in order to have an educational conversation partner. Somebody that can think from within the industry yet has the right future insights to steer you towards the appropriate solutions.

In my other position as business developer at The Fork, this is exactly what I am doing: Through conversations, small scale assessments, focused trainings to create reference, and more talking, we help companies and organizations explore blockchain. And this is really making baby steps, starting with trying to find the answer whether blockchain actually is the solution for them. And only then we start building a blockchain solution.

What it comes down to is that many companies and their customers first need to have better reference. And through the uniqueness of each company, it is better to talk to a specialist than to just read and research yourself.

Creating some reference

Some time ago, through LinkedIn and twitter, I checked whether people would be interested to learn more about the new tech and its influence on the ingredients industry...
I will make this in a series and dedicate different posts to different technologies and do my best to give examples of the corresponding (groups of) people that excel in their expertise on the cutting edge of tech and agrifood.

In the meantime, should you have questions, suggestions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact me.